The 'dragon dress'

12. The 'dragon dress'

The 'Dragon dress' features Zandra Rhodes's 'Spinifix Landscape' print design and gets its name from the dragon-like shapes on the print.

'Dragon dress', Zandra Rhodes

Above: 'Dragon dress' with wiggly dragon-like shapes on the print © Zandra Rhodes.

In 1973 Zandra Rhodes made an inspiring visit to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia and the spinifex grasses that punctuated the desert landscape featured in many of her sketches.

As well as The Ayers Rock Collection of 1974, the grasses inspired later prints including 'Spinifix Border', 'Spinifix Border Stripe', 'Spinifix Square', and 'Spinifix Landscape'.

Drawing of 'Spinifix Landscape', Textile Design Bible, Zandra Rhodes

Above: 'Spinifix Landscape' print from the 'Textile Design Bible' © Zandra Rhodes.

The 'Spinifix Landscape' print was designed to replicate a woven jacquard fabric, operating within the limitations of straight or diagonal lines. In addition, it had elements added from the 'Wiggle and Checks' print. At the end of the screen, there was a space so Zandra Rhodes added another wiggly line which looks like a Chinese dragon.