The Ukraine and 'Chevron Shawl' collection

3. The Ukraine and 'Chevron Shawl' collection

Zandra Rhodes's second fashion collection was The Ukraine and 'Chevron Shawl' in 1970. It was the hippie era and during this time Zandra Rhodes was influenced by the well-travelled people that she met who were experimenting with wearing non-Western clothing.

In this video, Zandra Rhodes recalls the tasselled shawls that were a popular element of this look. She also describes how she was influenced by the tasselled Victorian shawls that she saw and drew at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These dual influences inspired Zandra Rhodes to develop her 'Chevron Shawl' print with its printed fringe and printed wiggly tassels.

Using the same construction technique that she had developed for her first collection, The Knitted Circle in 1969, the designer cut around the shape of the print. She also experimented with using different types of fabric, including stiff calico for a pointed quilted coat, and light floating silk chiffon for skirts and dresses, as well as voluminous satin dresses and clothing. As she recounts in the video, she also attached feathers to her silk chiffon garments, sewing them on to the tips of the pointed hems.

The Ukraine and 'Chevron Shawl' collection was featured in Italian Vogue and British Vogue and was photographed by Henry Clarke and David Bailey and shown worn by model Penelope Tree. The pink silk chiffon ensemble was also photographed worn by model Bianca Jagger on the front cover of The Sunday Times Magazine, 1972.