Project Team

Project Director: Professor Kerstin Mey
Consultant: Zandra Rhodes
Project Manager: Amy Robinson
Metadata Researcher: Frances Diplock
Digital Cataloguer: Marie-Therese Gramstadt
Photographer: Jon Stokes (May-Oct 2012), Patrick Anderson (Feb-Mar 2012)
Scanning and hosting of Style Bibles: Polly Christie, Lisa Chadwick
Web Design ( Amy Robinson
Video Editor: Tony Reeves
Cameramen: John Collins, Mike Marmion, Tom Blount
OER Text: Amy Robinson, Marie-Therese Gramstadt
VADS Web Development: Carlos Silva
Zandra Rhodes Studio techniques demonstrated by: Lauren Barfoot, Caroline Carrig, Jolanta Cerniauskiene, Michelle Lewis
Advisory Group: Martin Cumella, Leigh Garrett, Paola Marchionni
OER Focus Group: Damian Chapman, Professor Karen Fleming, Hilaire Graham, Professor Bruce Montgomery, Sheelagh Wright

Student Assistants

At Zandra Rhodes Studio from UCA Fashion and Textiles: Rosie Barrow, Marta Bonilla, Emily Houghton, Lauren Hunt, Emily Irwin, Rochelle Minors, Anna Obese-Acquaah, Anuja Rai, Holly Randall, Joanna Swinney, Cherice Wilkins
At UCA Digitisation Unit, and portrait photography of Zandra Rhodes, from UCA Photography: Martin Gardner, Hannah Kells, Ángela María Zuluaga Valencia
Camera and Sound Assistants from UCA Film Production: Sofia Lahmann Gutierrez, David Bloomer
Assisting with video interviews, from UCA Journalism: Natasha Harvey, Kezia Parkins

Additional Acknowledgements

Thanks are also due to Nigel Goldsmith from JISC Digital Media, and Naomi Korn, Copyright Consultant, for their expert advice; and David Reilly, Press Officer at UCA, and Michael Stocking at Armadillo Systems.